Receive great food

And high quality service

We want you to be part of India’s very own, indigenous & fast growing chain of restaurant.

About us

At its best, MFC - Mr. Fried Chicken is a guilty pleasure and is still miles ahead of larger chains of fast food.

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Our food is inspired by the rich culture of India as well as the freshest locally sourced ingredients, vegetables and chicken.

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Zomato Feedback:

All you KFC lovers, try this. This guy has got great fried chicken, decent quantities and a free delivery system. A perfect combo for pretty much any occasion. Tried the chicken combo box with 4 PCs of chicken and 4 strips. Pretty damb good. Also, the fish burger is better than the fillet o fish from MCD. Definitely worth checking out at least once.

Shivnash Srivastav

MFC – Mr. Fried Chicken, CBD Belapur.

The food is absolutely delicious. We had fish strips, chicken strips, fish burger and chicken burger with fries. Chicken strips and burger were better than the fish ones. (Order the burgers with cheese) The fries were crispy. Everything was well made. The price is just about right. I've given it a 5 simply because of the delicious taste! Absolutely brilliant. Foodies must visit.


MFC – Mr. Fried Chicken, CBD Belapur.

Nice crispy chicken....We just hoped in the shop wanting to have some light snacks. So I ordered 3 piece chicken and burger meal. Chicken was nice and crispy, burger was better than KFC.

Kaustubh Patil

MFC – Mr. Fried Chicken, Thane West.